Club Statement

It is with great sadness that we today have to announce the end of the road for Leeds Force.
It hasn’t been a secret that this past season has not been one anyone involved with the club wanted it to be.  The club has faced numerous challenges throughout the season that were unforeseen and this has meant that providing the necessary investment to maintain a competitive team on the floor has become unsustainable.
We have had a great four years and notched up wins against all but one of the other BBL teams (damn those Wolves!).  We hope that we have brought entertainment to those who have witnessed some of our huge games and provided some great memories.
It is with a heavy heart that this move sees the end of professional basketball in West Yorkshire, which is a shame because it is a region that deserves a strong and successful basketball team to support in the BBL.  However, we would like to thank everyone who we have worked with over the past four years including players, coaches, volunteers, sponsors and most of all the fans.  Leeds may have been the minnow in the BBL but the fans were truly an inspiration to all the players who wore the jersey.
Once again thank you to all we have met in this journey and good luck to one and all for the future both on and off the hardwood.